August 22, 2008

In the Dog House

John came home from work yesterday and while I was in the office he decided to take a nap.
HE would like to mention that the our dog WAS in there when he first got in. I guess that makes it okay. :-)

August 3, 2008


For the past two days, John and I have been on the "spoil" mission for our Diesel. He has come into a new era called, "THE DESTRUCTION ERA!" Thankfully, it is only on his belongings. Let's see, we went to a pet store to buy some more treats and left with the treats, four new balls, and something called a WUBBA.

It actually looks and sounds like he is torturing an octopus. After one hour with the toy last night, he had already rip all the "tough" technology stitching and found his way to the squeaker.

Today after church we needed to stop by PetsMart and get a cover for my back seat since I am driving to Alabama and my seats are slippery leather. Most times when Diesel is with me I think he going to break his neck sliding around in the back of my car. Anyway, we not only left with the seat cover, but of course more toys. IN FACT- we found a toy that I have been searching for since John broke the squeaker on it. Let me take you down memory lane.......

This was me waiting for our sweet puppy to arrive.

This is sweet Diesel cuddling up to the cutest little dragon toy ever! See, He loves it!

Unfortunately, soon after this cute moment, sweet husband stepped on "Dragie" and crushed the squeaker. Poor Dragie.

Anytime we went to the pet store, I looked for a new Dragie. No bueno.
But, on August 2, 2008 at a brand new PetsMart, we found him. A brand new Dragie...with friends! We decided to go with the original. I was so excited I started to tear up. Isn't that ridiculous? But Dragie was there even before Diesel was so I was ..okay, a little dramatic.

Excuse me dragies, please turn to the left.