July 29, 2008


My body is so sore I can't even lean my head back to kiss my sweet husband. I am headed to a hot bath! My fingers even hurt, so I am finished typing. :-)

July 28, 2008

Dancing Days

Today was the beginning of DANCE FUSION week at our studio. I was/am so excited to finally take class and actually dance.

Dance Fusion is a dance company out of California. They come every year to give the students... and teachers choreography and to challenge them in their technique. It is awesome opportunity as a teacher because we are there to "supervise" yet we get to take class for FREE!

At 9 am we started Ballet. At 9:05 I was already sweating. NO JOKING! For an hour we did ballet, then another hour of tap, then another hour of jazz, and another hour of turns and jumps. I left early. I figured I needed to save my muscles if I was planning to attend the rest of the week.
It was an extremely humbling experience. Let's just say I could not do anything without falling down or getting dizzy. It is crazy that it has been a year since I have really trained.

BUT!!! I am looking forward to the end of the week because my super sweet husband purchased a massage for me. WHOO HOO!

I will keep you updated on my progress and injury status.

July 27, 2008


We have been "those neighbors" for too long! Finally, our great next door neighbor said, "Hey, I am going to Home Depot, do you want me to pick you up some Mulch?" Hint Hint- "PULL YOUR WEEDS!"

Hope you enjoy our hard work!

Some dog updates

John and I have both been gone so much this summer that sometimes we get a little obsessed with our dog. Well, I would never do this....

Sometimes, he (John) stays in the crate after our dog wiggles his way out.
One day after church, we decided to give our 6 month old puppy a chance to show us how good of a dog he really was while we took a desperatley needed nap.

I guess Diesel saw it has a chance to show us how he can make our couch a puppy play land.

Here is a fun video of Diesel helping with trash pickup.

My Father-in-law

John's daddy passed away July 15 2008. John was working a 24 hour shift when he got the call that his dad was not doing well. He came home Tuesday and we then got a call that David had passed away.

My mom was able to get us tickets to Dallas and John's work gave him as much time off as he needed. Today is John's first day back at work.

David had colon cancer for 4 years. He found out when he was 54 and died at 58.

Please pray for John and his grandmother. She is super sweet and misses her son very much.

We had so many family and friends offer their support and their love. John had some friends that he had not seen since med school and college come up to love on him. My Texas family even came. It was amazing.

There are so many parts to the process of dealing with the death of someone close. You need to grieve but you are forced to be responsible at the same time. Packing, flying and making funeral arrangements within 24 hours of finding out is a lot to deal with. John is his only son so a huge burden was placed on him. Thankfully, our families helped out financially and that burden was released immediately. I say that, but I found myself telling everyone how expensive it was! Totally tacky. I am not sure if that was my release from it all and I needed some sympathy, or I was in total shock of how death has turned into a business! So I apologize for my lack of class.

The service was as good as any funeral service could be. It was sad. It was uncomfortable. It was quick.

We flew in Tuesday night, made arrangements Wed morning and afternoon, had the viewing on Thursday night, graveside burial Friday morning, funeral that afternoon, packed up his apartment Saturday and Sunday, and flew out Monday night....AND ONLY THEN- you start to grieve.

John did great- whatever that means. He was not afraid cry but he knew he had to get things accomplished while he was there. It meant a lot to him that people loved his dad and that he heard such great things about him.

You can click here to view some info on the service


Life lesson number..... I've lost count!

July 4, 2008

Happy Independance Day!

(This is not my dog- I would never do this to him.)

So, it has been a while since I have been in school, but that is no excuse for the way that I acted today on the way to taking my husband to work. Here is our conversation:

JOHN: Happy 4th of July Baby!

ME: Yes! Happy day of throwing tea over the ship!


ME: Happy no more Civil War!

ME: We are separated from the French?...... BRITAIN! YES! I know we signed something and now we are free! Oh, and did you know that there is a treasure map on the back of the document? (that was a joke).

JOHN: You need to go look this stuff up.

When I got home, I did look it up and remembered all the wonderful things I learned in elementary. I blame this airhead mentality on my lack of educating myself daily. I truly have no interest in politics, or what is going on in the world. Well, It's not that I don't have interest, it just stresses me out! My new goal is start reading again! I feel that since I have been dancing and out of college, I rarely pick up a book and if I do, I get just past chapter one. It is pathetic. Unfortunately, I can tell that my brain is fading fast. It is harder for me to remember things and harder for me to think. I can tell that it is even harder for me to communicate sometimes in conversation! Crazy! My goal is to read a little bit everyday. I will let you know what book and how is goes.

July 3, 2008

Texas Fun

Wow! Being gone for almost three weeks can take a lot out of you...but we had so much fun!

I wish I could put all of the photos up here and I wish I had taken more photos with everyone!

Here are just a few of some some fun family and friends.

Hanging out with some of Johns Church friends from Med school days. What a lot of fun we had. We played Rock Band and I learned a few funny stories of Johns pre-married days.

We spent a day hanging out with John mom and grandparents. His mom is moving closer to them so it will be great to see them more often. We went to ONE of their favorite restaurants. Of course I loved it... it was MEXICAN! Good thing we only stayed one day, the other favorite place is Whataburger!!! (Of course I would have loved to stay longer. It is just a joke!)

We spent a good part of a day hanging out with Johns dad. He has had cancer for four years now. He was in great spirits. It was actually the longest amount of time I have ever spent with him. We also saw Johns other grandma and and Aunt. Please pray for Johns daddy.

This is me and my sweet husband. We were on the way to my Aunts house and we saw a sign that said, "BLUEBELL FACTORY!" Many of you know that Bluebell ice cream is made in Texas and that it is Johns favorite and that it cost $7 a half gallon here in Lexington! So at 10am, we pulled of our route and headed towards the factory. An hour later, we had two t-shirts, a magnet, and four scoops of ice cream for $2....at 10am. It was a very fun detour.

This is Laura and Kristen. I use to live with this family in between cruise ship jobs. They have become a second family. I have many second family's. I blame them, well Kristen, for all the weight I gained during my trip home. She has become a little chef while in college and forced me to eat her delicious home made cakes. (They we honored to wear the Bluebell hats.)

Meet Jason and Marla (and Sadie). This is one of Johns best friends from Med school and Marla is one of my good friends from Jr high and High school dance. They are a huge reason that John and I decided to meet. They drove down to Houston to see us! We hung out on his dads amazing boat and got to spend some time playing Guitar Hero and some other Tetris game. Marla and I went to our 20th anniversary Dance recital together and got to see a lot of familiar faces. Jason is on his way to Iraq in August, so keep him and his beautiful wife in your prayers. No need to worry though- she is a certified, licensed carrier. Bang Bang!

I have more family photos and stories, but that is a small update on travels to Texas.

It is great to be home and back into the routine of things.

July 1, 2008


Our sweet puppy is growing fast. Here are some photos at 6 weeks, 2 months, 4 months, and now 6 months.

6 weeks

8 weeks old

12 weeks old

6 months old

We are BACK!

I got home late last night and I am very busy today cleaning house and unpacking and doing laundry and....PLAYING WITH MY HUGE DOG! I can not believe how much he grew in the three weeks I was away. He is super cute though and still the sweetest he can be.

I have incredible amounts of blogging to do, but for now- just wanted to touch base.

Future blog content:

-Becoming obsessed with Guitar Hero and Rock Band
-TOO MUCH CAKE and Mexican food

Have a nice day!