January 28, 2009

Diesel and Chloe

So I finally had that chance to meet my first blog friend.  I am sad that we did not take a picture together... but did get some of our sweet dogs playing...kind of.  

We went to the Dog Park for Chloe's 2nd birthday

Go say HI to Erin for me......she is having a baby girl soon!

  Look, Chloe is shaking hands!
  And now she is kissing.. they move so fast you know?

I am sad that I did not get more pictures.

More ice storm fun

Here are a few pictures of our ice storm.... I also hope you enjoy the video of John and coconut.  He went to the grocery store with me and I never know what we will leave with.. this time, it was a coconut.  So what do you do when you are iced in.... I guess play with a coconut.

 As you can see, it went as planned.  

We did get some milk out the next time around...can't seem to load the video.   Did you know that Coconut  milk is gross warm... and a little less gross cold?

January 27, 2009

P90X preview

So here is absolutely ridiculous video of John and me.... (more ridiculous of me)  working out on day 14.  Everyday we move the furniture out of the way and make our dog sit on the couch while we dance around.  I enjoy days when we could do the workout together.  Most of the time, I do it while John is at work and he does it whenever he can.  Some days, we  have to do it separately because we have only one set of weights.  
The program is good and I will explain more about it in the 30 day update.  (They tell us to take pictures every 30 days).
Day 14 is called Kenpo X  which is like kickboxing and karate combined. This is my least favorite day because, well- I can't do it right. 

Here is Tony Horton who leads all the videos.... John likes him because he reminds him of a good friend of his.....Crazy.   

Okay... I can't believe I am posting this.....

  Oh goodness!  What makes the video even more silly, is that we turned the music off so it would not be so loud in this video... 
There is music on the P90X video, but John likes to use his own music.  There is option to turn P90x music off and just hear the work out cues... pretty cool...except when you are making a personal video like this one.   Enjoy laughing at us!


  We woke up this morning to what I thought was a little bit of snow but was actually ICE piling up.  Crazy!  John of course had to go in to save the world.  Thankfully, even though my job is up there on the Glamour scale....it was cancelled...and maybe for two days!  STORM OF THE CENTURY!!!!

It's just to bad that I can't run outside.. man I REALLY wanted to do that!  :-)
I will just have to sit inside with my cup of hot chocolate.....and clean the house.....mmm, maybe I will run.

January 18, 2009


So we bought it..... I have been watching this infomercial for at least a year now.  I am a big sucker for infomercials.  I think in my life time I have fallen for the ploy maybe once....I can't remember what it was.... I think I was by myself at home and I took my moms CC and ordered something. (Mom did you know this?) 

Anyway....we bought THE P90X! For those of you who do not know about this program, let me splain.  It is 90 days of intense Muscle Confusion......do I sound like them?  Anyway, It comes with a nutrition plan for those who have their own personal chef and a gazillion dollars.  But, I figure if I am at least do something.... I am heading in the right direction.  
I will post from time to time how we are doing.  Don't think that I am about to post my before picture.  If the program works I might....MIGHT post a before picture.  

I do have goals:
1) I have lost muscle from not dancing everyday....rebuild my muscles.
2) Get in good running shape for the half marathon in April.
3) John and I are taking pictures in March with our wedding photographer......I don't want to look far off from the wedding weight pictures......unless it is better! 
4) Actually see if I can push myself and not be lazy.
5) Get back into some kind of Climbing shape.

We started the program on January 14Th so we will be RIPPED (yea right) by the middle of April?????  Oh goodness.

Anyone else have any goals for fitness? 

January 15, 2009

It was so cold......

That they closed the schools!  

Not cold AND rainy... not cold AND the roads were impossible to drive on... JUST PLAIN COLD! 

Tonight it will get down to -3 and tomorrow the high is 14....with some wind which I am sure FEELS like -100!

Watch this video... maybe it will be cold enough to do this.  I really like the kids reaction in the background.  It takes a while... but fast forward it.  :-)

This actually happened to me with a bottle of water in the car.  It had been in the car over night, I went to open it the next morning, and it froze on me!  

January 11, 2009

Planet Earth

John and I have been enjoying watching the show Planet Earth. We record it...or DVR it every Sunday night when it comes on the Discovery Channel. We find ourselves turning out the lights, turning up the volume and loosing ourselves in awesome panoramic views of places I will never go. We sometimes look at each other and ask, "Are we still cool because we are watching this and actually learning something?" We say yes, but I think we are okay with knowing that this question no longer matters in life.
----This is what non-cool people say.---

Anyway, if you have not seen it, it is worth watching. It reminds me of how creative my God is. How many random creatures can He create to live in a cave...in sulfuric acid....some with no with no eyes???  Crazy!

Has anyone seen any episodes?  Which is your favorite? 

January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday MOM!

Love you!

"Yellow," "Red," "Red," "Yellow"

These were the words repeated by John and I as we guided Jim and Yvonne (IN-laws) through their first game of Guitar Hero World Tour.  They were reluctant at first, but I know they had fun.
"This is fun!"  JIM

See- they had fun.  Here are some pictures of John explaining some basic Wii instructions, one of them learning what how to hold the remote, and some actual playing time photos.  They are playing as I blog...I just cold not wait....and yes.....John is wearing Wii PJ pants.  Thanks MOM!


January 5, 2009

The Most wonderful family

I just had to show off my wonderful family.....well, part of them. My brother and sister-inlaw have three children who are actually as kind and loving as they are cute

Please enjoy the video.... of the best dancing boy I have ever seen.
You can also see this on her awesome blog...The Secret Life of Kat.