May 31, 2008


Passionate Homemaking has once again stirred me to watch another video. This one is 20min long, but I think it is well worth it. Also well worth it, the counter argument. Whenever anyone says, "Go read this." or "Oh, this is great, watch this," I tend to look for the opposite review. Anyone trying to make a convincing point will be, well... convincing!

First, watch this.

Now read this.

So there you go. As Christians, I think we should become different and be less obsessed with stuff. But I also know that God will one day destroy the world. :-) (That is to be taken as a joke.) I just thought I would be an extremist. OHHH, AHHH.

This one is just for fun.

May 30, 2008

The saddest thing you have ever

I am allergic to my sweet Diesel. :-(
See, he is bummed too.
When he jumps on me or when we are playing, he gives me little scratches from his claws. Well, his little doggie oils get on me and I break out in to hives! YIKES! It is very attractive.
It is not so bad that it is uncomfortable, but I do have some sort of reaction.
So there you go, the saddest thing you have ever

Flight Aware

My sweet husband left this morning. You can pray for him because he is very stopped up. Head congestion can make your flight miserable!
Right now I am being a obsessive compulsive wife and tracking his flight. John found this web site, Flight Aware, a while back and has alway tracked my flights. Of course I would make fun of him, but now I am finding a lot of comfort in knowing exactly where he is. It is kinda fun. Plus, at 5:00am when you drink an entire mug of coffee, you must find an outlet before having your blood sugar crash.

Here are some funny stories about flying I found wasting time on the internet.

PA left on and needing hot woman
This classic joke, with variations, can be found in almost every book with airline humor. And it must have happened somewhere, somehow...
During a particularly rough flight, the airliner pilot addresses his passengers: "The turbulence we passed through was rough, but we have passed that now. The rest of the flight is expected to be smooth." The pilot was unaware that his PA switch was stuck on, and leaned over to the co-pilot and said "Boy, was that rough! What I need now is a hot woman and a cold beer."
A flight attendant in the rear of the aircraft heard this, and ran forward to warn the pilot.
As she neared the cockpit, an elderly woman passenger stopped her saying "Don't forget the beer!"

Pilot flies better than driving
In an attempt to keep the passengers from standing or moving around before taxiing was completed, the purser of a SouthWest flight said over the PA:
"Ladies and Gentlemen. Our pilots FLY much better than they DRIVE so please remain seated until the captain finishes taxiing and brings the aircraft to a complete stop at the terminal..."

See This Red "S" On My Chest?
The rich-and-famous don't always succeed in flaunting the rules, as the world-boxing champion learned on one flight. While the aircraft was pushed back, the flight attendant asked him to buckle his seatbelt.
The champ replied, "Superman don't need no seatbelt!"
Without missing a beat, the savvy flight attendant replied: �Superman don't need no airplane, either!"
The boxer buckled up without another word.

Have a good flight!

May 29, 2008

John's Last Night

John is leaving for one month. He has a rotation in Houston. I am very sad and and not looking forward to staying home alone. The good news is that in two weeks I get to go to Houston and be with him and see all of my family and friends. Please pray from me.
Tonight, John picked me up from work and we went to a nice little outdoor patio restaurant. We came home and decided to eat the little cake from my mom. I hope you enjoy this very embarrassing video. We were being goober heads.
Um, we are both completely stuffed up so it sounds very funny.

Happy Early Birthday!

Look at this cute little box I got from my mom today in the mail! It comes complete with candles, noise makers and a button that says, "Make a wish!" (Sorry mom. I will not wear this to church on Sunday.)
Unfortunately, I feel horrible today and when I tried to blow the noise maker, I almost passed out! Also, this morning we made brownies for all the people that take care of Diesel at the vet clinic. Of course some of them fell apart in transfer to the plate so of course I had to dispose of my mouth. Now I feel sick to my stomach and all the goodies in the box made my stomach turn just enough.
Anyway, here it is! Thanks mom- you are the greaest!

May 28, 2008

Ahh..Ahh.. Ahh.. Allergies!

I can not stop sneezing! It is crazy. I almost had to pull off the side of the road because my eyes had to keep closing. After a a while you start to get an ab work out! Next time you sneeze, put your hand on your stomach- Maybe that should be my next video... "Want great abs? Just sneeze! Offer only good during allergy season."

And oh my eyes! They are soo swollen and puffy and RED! AND THEY ITCH!!!! I feel like I have dirt in them. IT's horrible.

At the moment, my husband and I are on Claritin. I am thinking of switching to Zyrtec. It seems to be the trendy way to go.
What is your allergy remedy?

May 24, 2008

Frank Bob

Introducing FRANK BOB! This is my husband. He has a blog but he is a little behind. I guess since I came into the picture he has had no time for anything he used to do... hehe. I am going to enjoy reading all of his past entries.

HE does not remember what his log in name used to be, but he changed it to FRANK BOB when he knew that those names would never be used on our children.

Hope you enjoy!

May 23, 2008

Cruise Ship Fun

I came across this video on my friends Myspace page. This is when I did my last contract on the Jewel of the Seas. I was not hired as a singer, but had to fill in. OH man, we had so many replacements and so many rehearsals. I think I will try to write a post every now and then on my cruise ship days. They were fantastic and dismal, my best days and my worst days. This is where I learned how to be a hypocrite and stand my ground...and do it all over again.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little video that the three singers and I performed at the end of each voyage.

Alberto, Brooke, Chris- I miss you!

Getting out of Debt

It has been a goal of my ours to get out of debt. I guess our goal should be sticking to the goal. Anyhow, I got this video off of Passionate Homemaking (great blog). Hope you enjoy and laugh at the message that should seem so easy!.

May 22, 2008

My Best Friend.....

is not my dog. I know you might think that but Diesel is just a dog and,... well, of course he is not JUST a dog. ANYWAY- MY Best friend is my husband and I am going to share with you why I am so thankful for him.

HE is my super hero. He kills spiders while admitting that he doesn't like them either.

He is a hard worker and he never complains. He gets up every morning at 5:15ish to go to work and usually has no idea what time he will be home. His job requires more brain power and skill than anything I have ever done.

HE is humble. HE would never tell you how cool he really is. :-) He never asks anyone to call him by his title, though he deserves it after all the years of schooling and test taking. He is just John or Mr. John. One of the units at the Hospital threw him a going away party when he left the rotation!

HE is kind hearted. HE is not to cool for anyone. All of his friends love him (I guess they wouldn't be friends if they didn't). HE plays guitar and very well at that. HE sings like a rock star.

HE tells me I am beautiful EVERYDAY and ALL DAY. HE even makes me tell him how beautiful I am so I will know it (but I don't because that's strange. But then he thinks that is cute) "Tell me!" HE makes funny noises, no not gas, just strange noises like "egh" and other things I can't seem to figure out how to spell. He has me making them now. HE answers my phone calls every time with either "Wife" or "I love you!" or "Egh!" HE even sends me text messages during surgery!

HE reads the Bible with me. HE prays with me every night before we sleep. HE waits up for me on my long work nights just to say goodnight. HE greets me at the door to say "hello" and gives me sweet hugs and kisses. HE goes to church with me every Sunday that he can. He goes to Bible study every time that he can. He wants to lead our family towards Christ.

HE likes to sleep outside with our dog and the umbrella. HE loves to grill. HE watches "So You Think You Can Dance" with me. He loves to go for spontaneous SONIC runs with me.

HE taught me how to ride a road bike safely. HE organizes my training schedules on EXCEL spreadsheets. HE taught me how to swim more efficiently. HE encouraged me during my first Triathlon. I would not have finished the first portion if were not for him cheering me on.

HE IS PATIENT! Oh my goodness is he patient with me! Wow.
There is so much more.....

My husband is my wonderful friend. I have never been so comfortable around any one. We always joke that he had no idea I was like "this" when he asked me to marry him. Frankly, neither did I.

May 16, 2008

Our dog.

It has been a while so I thought I would post some pictures of our cute Diesel. He is getting big. He is about 4 1/2 months old and a little over 40 pounds. Crazy!

We are taking him to the Farmer's market today. We will see how he does. Yesterday we bought a pinch collar. They look horrible and mean, but they do not hurt, they just "remind" the dog to not pull on the leash. IT took 15 seconds and Diesel was walking right by our side. AMAZING!

We have been training him, but we are still thinking of doing some official obedience training. He is very smart and I think that is the problem. He is stubborn and comes when he wants to and sits when it works for him. We have been training him to "heel" for quite a while and already it is hard for me hang on to the leash- so it was either this or the SHOCK COLLAR... we can not bring ourselves to do that. :-(

May 13, 2008

Happy Anniversary Part 2

I have been dreaming of how to make our first anniversary memorable and sweet. I want to have a story to tell the kids you know?

For our lovely sunburned Anniversary dinner, we decided to go to the Melting Pot.

What an adventure. We knew that the hotel offered a tram service to and from this huge outlet mall near the Melting Pot. "Near" you say? Well, about 1/2 a mile. This is not a far walk, but when in my head I am thinking of wearing a new dress with nice shoes- I did not want to walk 1/2 a mile on a major road, AT NIGHT, for a nice romantic dinner.

After pouting and changing into FLIP FLOPS, we caught the the tram headed for the outlet mall. The driver was nice enough to take us to the restaurant but informed us that we would have to walk back to the mall to be picked up. Everything was looking good.

The dinner was great, the dessert was better... the best. It was very $$$ and I know that it was more for the ambiance than anything else- but My husband was sweet enough to take me and we enjoyed it.

WARNING! If you easily turn your nose up to bathroom humor, please read no further.
Like I said earlier, our driver told us that we needed to walk 1/2 a mile down the scary, marshy, unpaved unless you walk on the highway "path," to be picked up. So with our extremely full bellies, we headed off into the alligator infested swamps of beach town Florida.

1. Slowly walk across grassy area and sink into marsh.
2. See that your only option is to walk through more scary uncharted territory or choose oncoming traffic.
3. Begin to panic and go for slight jog.
4. Digestion begins
5. Begin to panic... again.
6. Begin rocking chair dance (lean forward from thoughts of throwing up, lean back from thoughts of squeezing your EVERYTHING!)

Now, everyone has had those times in life that they have had to use the restroom quickly. However, I have never had a time in my life where I thought I was going to have to use the highway as the restroom. OH MY GOODNESS. One should never jog after a very $$$ meal- what a waste.

I seriously believe that I could sell the next exercise BUTT routine. I would call it, "The Squeez-inator."
As we were approaching the Heavenly lights of bathroom salvation, I seriously thought I was not going to make it. "How romantic," I thought. Nothing says "Happy Anniversary" like hot and steamy, um, poop in your pants. Luckily, we made it to a restroom with ZERO time to spare. I mean, zero, zilch, barley time to lift your skirt and be proper in an unfamiliar place kind of time.

Ahh! I feel better just thinking about. I quickly washed my hands and tried to not be seen as the "one who just left the stink." We headed back home with thoughts of having a nice glass of wine and walking on the beach at night....Romantic.

The real story- we were so burnt and tired, we fell asleep. Ahh... it's official, I am married.

So there you have it. We have a story.

Happy Anniversary Part 1


We got back from our very first anniversary celebration. John and I were married on May 12, last year. I can not believe how fast a year goes by.

We decided to go to Destin, Fl. I have been craving the beach and John's best man lives there with his wife and two precious children. They are moving overseas in a few months so it worked out great to get away and see some good friends.

We left Friday afternoon and had to fly via Houston with a 4 hour lay over. Being from Houston, my excellent mother picked us up and we headed to some delicious Mexican food. AND my best good friend Lindsey met us there with her charming little boy. YEA!!! Too cute and the biggest eyes... wow!

The first two days in Florida we hung out with our friends, ate good food, celebrated mother's day and had a great dinner on a deserted, little cove at NIGHT! Crazy. The last two days we stayed at the Hilton with a room overlooking the beach. It was awesome. We slept with the doors wide open and even had a few bird friends come and visit us IN the room.
After a quick trip to the beach the first night, we headed to a eating/shopping area and I swallowed down my first RAW oyster! SLIMY!!! I really can not tell you how they tasted, they straight back to my throat and down. BUT I DID IT!

The next day, I was determined to get the tan of the century... in one day... so we were out at 8 am walking the beach. After a quick trip to the grocery for some snacks, we were sprawled out and soaking up the rays... the HIGH POWERED, UV, white skin should never be allowed out in, sunshine, happy rays. 40 min, ocean break, turn. 40 min, ocean break, turn. We headed to the pool and once again, 1 hour, pool break, turn, 1 hour, GO INSIDE OUCH IT IS ALREADY HURTING! I was so thorough about the sun block. We put it on 15 min before heading outside. After that, I put it on my face and arms about every 15 min. That' s right, face and arms. I guess I would be missing over half of the body. The tan of the century is pleasantly on my face and arms. The medical burn of the day is on the back of our legs. OH what a wonderful flight back we had. :-)

Oh, I can't forget that lovely rash that I picked up from somewhere. YIKES