September 10, 2011

Getting here.

So I wanted to wait to blog until I had taken pictures of our rental home, but.. I keep waiting until the house is completely "finished" and semi de boxed. While it is almost done, I will just move on to the other things that we have accomplished while being here.

John has started his job and amazingly a month has gone by! He loves it. He loves doing his own cases and loves that he gets paid for what you work for. If you don't do a case, you don't get no money. The weather, while "hot" in the afternoons, is wonderful. Nice and cool in the mornings and evenings, we are able to go for long pregnancy walks and able to play with the dogs and not feel like we are melting.

So we made it here after a surprisingly pleasant 4-day drive. When we arrived in Tahoe, we stayed at this enclosed 3 acre retreat place that our dogs were able to play and run around with other dogs for two days.

They had a blast! It was gorgeous! We figure this would be a great place for our families if they ever want to come and hang out with their dogs too. You can rent a one bedroom cabin or the entire place! It is about a 5 min walk to the gorgeous lake Tahoe.

From here, we drove to Emerald Bay...named appropriately for it's color.. GORGEOUS! From there, John and I and the "children" went for a 2 mile, hard for us, hike to a hidden lake named Eagle Lake.

Not working out for a long time, being preggo, 4 days of travel food and high altitude made for a difficult but great afternoon. So worth it!

After our fun times, we moved into our rental and waited about 2 weeks for a our belongings to arrive. In August, we went to something called , "HOT August Nights." Every year there is a huge car show at all of the casinos in downtown Reno...Music, food and of course.. cars.

Okay, almost done, I promise. Later in August, my mom dropped by and we enjoyed a little 2 hour cruise back to Emerald Bay.
It was a gorgeous afternoon and the views were, well, beautiful!

Okay, can you tell I am done?? That's all I have for now except for about 400 photos to go through from a Balloon Race we went to this morning at 5 am! Hopefully I can get those uploaded soon.. not all of them!
Happy Reading.

Oh, and Baby is doing great! It's a girl!