November 25, 2011

Steps to Cutting Down your own Christmas Tree.

Step 1:

Find your most Lumber Jack looking shirt, buy a permit, and gather materials.

Step 2:

Go to a forest and find your tree...and walk around for an hour and half looking for that PERFECT tree farm type tree only to find that God grows them differently in nature.

Step 3:

Find a tree and get your lumber jack husband to smile because his wife finally said that this tree will work.

Step 4:

Cut down tree and feel thankful that it is not very thick cause you can't help since you are 32 weeks pregnant. Throw out encouraging sayings like, "Wow, you are so strong and manly!"

Step 5:

Say "TIMBER" as it falls to the ground...for the second time because you asked the Lumber Jack to lift it up and drop it for the camera because you missed it the first time. :-)

Step 6:

Drag your prize to the truck and catch your first child "claiming" his property...what the camera does not show is the second child coming in right after and doing the same.

John and I have enjoyed a live tree for Christmas every year. For the last 4 seasons (I can't believe this is our 5th Christmas together!), it has been tradition to get that special tree the day after Thanksgiving. This year, because we live where the trees are made, we decided to cut our own.. and for $10, we could not resist.
The tree is perfect because of the adventure and the story... definitely not because of how it looks! But we will keep her name her Rosie. (we cut her from MT. Rose)

November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Radar!

HI! My name is Radar and today I turn 2 years old! Isn't that great? This my guest post to let you know a little bit about me and my life. Usually Diesel gets all of the attention, but not today!
I did have to share my treats with brother.. but that's okay.. his birthday is in January and I hope he remembers my kindness.
Me learning patience. (Doesn't mom know I am a boy? Pink? Really?)

OH, I don't care!
This is me sticking my tongue out at brother because he can't have it! You can see him at the top left... he's probably crying inside....

Okay, so that was my little Party, now.. more about me!

1) I love to sleep! I am a great sleeper. I prefer to cuddle with my humans but really anything will do. I know the last picture I picked is of me getting a bath.. but... I slept after that bath!

2.) I love goose poop! I know what you're saying... "MMMM goose poop." Well let me tell you something... we have a buffet of it behind our new home. It is a delicacy in the dog world.. maybe like goose pate for you humans. Mom always yells at me, "DROP! DROP," which I think also means, "CHUG! CHUG!!" I do. You can't get this stuff every where you know?

Look, mom is so proud, she caught me in action! JACK POT!!!

3) Mom and Dad have the opportunity to send me back if they don't like me after two years. If they find out that I have hip displasia or some other disease at 2 years, they can return me to KY. Lately, mom has been saying that I love her more and that I have been following her around more because she is pregnant- but really I am just buttering her up so that she will keep me. :-)

4) Now that I am 14 years old, I apparently make funny nosies in my sleep. Last night I howled in my dreams. I even woke up brother!

5) I love to annoy Diesel. I like to steal his toys when he is playing outside. I usually roll around in the grass and eat sticks and wait until he is REALLY tired and THEN I go after him!
They have good sticks in Nevada.

Rollin again..

Mom's favorite part...

and tada.... tired brother!

Don't you dare make fun of my ears!

Other than that, I am just your normal, super adorable, sweet puppy! If you sit down near me, I will sit by you if not on you! Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me!
Love, Radar.

November 3, 2011

A Tall, Tall, Truthful, Tale.

Once upon time there was a wife who spent too much time looking at DIY web sites. She found a magical inexpensive version of a bed she wanted and waited until her prince charming was finished fighting all of the dragons (a.k.a.- fellowship and oral boards) to ask him if would be willing to help HER build this bed. OF course he said that he would love to be at her service and got to work. Thus the adventure began of the ANA WHITE farmhouse bed.

Okay, so John had to tweak the measurements, and chisel and stain and on and on and on...But we love it. HE did such a great job. HE did ALL of the work! I sanded a bit and my mother in law even got in on the work when she was here visiting. But all of the brains behind this beauty was in the head of the husband. So proud of him. Half way through this project and after many "uh-oh's" we realized that maybe this was a big 1st time project... BUT I THINK IT IS AWESOME.

Last night John got a call that he would have the day off today.. so of course like a sweet wife at 9:30pm, I suggested that we see if the bed could be put together. After an "easy" 3 hours.. it was all done! :-)

NOW the Funny-ish part. IT IS SO TALL! John did everything wonderfully. The bed springs fit in nicely, the frame fits in the head board (after much chiseling and sanding) and the bed is super sturdy.... but here is where we learned a valuable lesson. MEASURE THE DEPTH OF YOUR MATTRESS! Holy cow is this this tall! ANYWAY, I blame myself for picking out the mattress... not John. He was a little disappointed but I think it looks great. Enjoy the photos!
Bringing it into the room..and out.. and back in again- it is not light!
I thought I should at least do something!
Proud John.