July 23, 2009

The easy road...

Isn't nice when someone else writes a post for you...

I know that I am totally cheating, but HERE is what I did two weekends ago!

Thanks Kat!

July 5, 2009

Heart Healthy Choices

As of lately, it has been important to me to TRY and be heart healthy...at least in my head it has been. But my eating actions have deviated from this goal. One side of Johns family has a history of heart disease and this disease has shown itself early in the lives of his grandfather and dad.
WELL NOT UNDER MY HOUSE! I want to do my best to provide a healthy, restful home for my family.
My favorite sister-in-law KAT, who is very wise, told me that she wants her home to be the place where her children and husband are refreshed and given healthy foods. She says that the world will provide enough junk on it's own and that her home will be a refuge.

I have already ordered the American Heart Associations cookbook and we have tried many recipes from it. Unfortunately, I still add all the stuff it tells me not use. For example... we
made phenomenal Fish Tacos (thank you Lindsey) that calls for corn tortillas, flaky fish, and home made pico de gallo. MMMMM--- but of course we added sour cream (low fat of course), and cheese.

This is just one example of how I can make anything more fatty.

So now I have decided to try a LITTLE harder to do this heart healthy thing. I know it would be good for me and of course I would be doing my part to keep John around for as long I can. I have "joined" a 12 week program-(Hi, my name is Diana and I have dirty arteries.") that will give me tips, recipes and all the hugs and encouragement a girl could ask for. :-)
I will say that some of it might be cheesy (well, I guess not cheesy b/c that would be unhealthy- oh man I crack myself up!) ANYWAY- some of it might be over the top- but getting daily reminders on my Facebook, and daily e-mails and daily widgets and daily encouraging notes from all my fellow BETTER-U participants, might actually make me want to throw up to remember that this is an important issue that is affecting tons (that is my official statistic) of Americans everyday.

I just wanted to let you know that I decided to get a LITTLE more serious about this after eating at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch and then eating Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. If I set small goals, anything should be possible after that night!