May 4, 2009

My romantic husband....

I can not believe it has almost been two years of being married to my best friend!  CRAZY!  Last year we went to Florida to celebrate our 1st Anniversary.  It was a lot of fun getting so sun burned with a rash and getting sick.  Ahh...romance! 

Well get ready for this year!  John saved up his vacation and is able to take off from May 7- 17th.  WOW!  So we are going on vacation from May Nevada........Vegas you ask?  Not exactly.  Have you ever heard of the romantic dessert destination location of Pahrump?

Are we going to a spa retreat in the oasis?  Are we hiking on the skirts of romantic Death Valley? Are we staying in Pahrump because hotels are cheaper there than on the strip?  NO, NO, and NO.

We are partaking in a luxurious 4 day defensive handgun course with Front Sight Institute. Ohh la la-- I know. 

That's right folks, I will be celebrating the bonds of HOLY Matrimony holding a 9mm side by side with my husband.  There is nothing that says L-O-V-E like pretending to be in a hostage situation in your own home.  I think I even get to carry a fake baby around!  

In all honesty, I think it will be very educational and fun.  We had some friends do it last year and they loved it.  

So instead of dressing up a cute little dress this year, I will be putting on my holster with magazines, flashlight (oh yes, for the night shoot), and of gun.  

But don't worry, I still get to put on sunscreen and work on my .....arm tan.  

PS- never type in "Girls with Guns" to try and find a picture for your blog.  Not appropriate.