February 25, 2008

Diesel- Part 1

We are so tired excited! We finally have our little Diesel and he is living up to the AKC puppy standards of cuteness. He did great on the car ride home (no car sickness or wee wee accidents) and he came into our home and timidly sniffed around.
He did pee a lot....on our floors. We were amazed how much pee could come out of a little dog. We took him outside 5 or 6 times that night (we got home at 8p and went to bed at 10:30p)

Our neighbor's next door came over and Diesel did nothing but crawl into my lap and sleep. AHH....so I gently lowered him into the crate....ahh....we slowly got up and said good bye and thought, "Wow! Our dog has no problems with this crate thing."

I am not going to say that our dog is deceptive. But please read on.

Here is my version of Eve (me) in the garden the day she took of the apple (Diesel).
Please read EVE with a Snow White voice. All other characters are actors choice.

EVE: "Oh look at how wonderful and still and sleepy that apple is. It looks so precious!"

Deception: "Yes, very precious. Pick it up and put it in your crate.....And walk away and close the door. NOTHING will happen."

EVE: "I don't know.....okay! BITE....."

APPLE: "You know better not to close the door. Now I will scream and cry and almost sound like I am dying because you are so mean and I can't believe you just did that and I am never going to love you again!"

End Scene

Okay, so that is not exactly Biblical and I am not exactly Shakespear. But, I did feel that Diesel was a little over dramatic. Hello! It's not like he was just taken from his mom and 6 other brothers and sisters..... Whatever.

It was a hard night. John and I switched getting up every two hours to let him out and relieve himself. He did great! He still is learning that carpet is not grass, but I know he will get it someday and I will get new carpet soon after.

Today, he went to the VET and everything looks good. He has a funny jagged tongue but other than that, they said he will be a fine potty machine. Enjoy the pics!


Anonymous said...

I have been waiting all weekend to see his cute little face! Oh I am so happy for the 2 of you (3 now)! Let me just tell you it will be fun but it will also wear you out. Yes having a puppy is like a baby. You will be waking up all hours of the night for a few months. Enjoy him while he is small enough to fit in your lap. He will grow so fast!
We tried to get a new puppy this weekend read my blog about it! We are suckers! haha
Oh yeah I am so excited to hear all the stories to come! Welcome to the world of Weims!

yvonne said...

I love the pics and the music! Diesel is adorable! And I totally 'get' the Biblical example ... so what can you learn from the Biblical account and apply to this situation?

Diana's mom said...

He is so cute..! Oh, yeah, John is too..I love you guys

A. Snodgrass said...

Your two boys are sooo cute. I loved the "Snow White" effect when I read your story or screenplay excerpt? :) You make me smile! And, I miss you too!!!

I love your puppy and I haven't even officially met him yet.

The Secret Life of Kat said...

That was funny! My new little nephew is SO cute.