March 16, 2008

Music Monday:Debbie Gibson vs Paula Abdul

So it's Music Monday over at TSLOK and the topic is, What is your Musical Genealogy?

I could not decide between Paula Abdul or Debbie Gibson because I have fond memories of both. So here you go...

Debbie Gibson- Electric Youth

I loved this album. I memorized every song. I remember making up so many dances in my living room with my friend Sara from across the street. We even broke my moms coffee table. (I don't think she knew that?) IT was just crack..... sorry mommy. There were three of us in the area that would perform dances for the neighbors. We were so cool.

I also remember every time I flew across country to see my dad, I would take my WALKMAN and play "Lost in your eyes" over and over again thinking about some boy in Elementary school.

I even had the perfume called Electric Youth.
It was treasured!

Paula Abdul- Forever Your Girl

That's right America! Not just your sweet judge on Idol...but a true inpiration to an 8 year old girl leaning that "Opposites Attract", and he was "Cold Hearted" to begin with...that's right.... a SNAKE!

I asked some of the girls from the dance studio if they knew any of her songs and they just looked at me like I was crazy!

So many dances to this Albulm! I think I even did one of them at a school talent show....or, err, Church CHOIR CAMP talent show. Unfourtunatley, Opposites Attract did not suit the theme.


Anonymous said...

paula is much more talented. better than debbie at everything. of course, debbie isnt even famous anymore, not among general america anyway.

Anonymous said...

I must say these were my favorites! Paula's album was my first CD I ever owned! We used to dance to these all the time too. I watch the video's now and think how silly I looked...I thought I was cool! haha

Diana's mom said...

I knew about the coffee my girl!

Amy said...

I grew up in a Christian home and Debbie Gibson was the first secular music my siblings and I owned and oh it was dramatic! :)

Have you checked out Paula's new music?

The Secret Life of Kat said...

Debbie Gibson...

I can play Lost In Your Eyes on the piano.

I'll play it for you when you visit.

You'll be moved.

Jimmy said...

I remember that Debbie Gibson album cover lying around the house.

What about Tiffany...didn't you like her too? I can't remember.

The Wiggins Family said...

I remember those days. Although, I was not allowed to listen to the music I still loved watching you dance in your living room to these songs. Remember our fashion shows and photo shoots we did? Those were the days. Good times! Love ya girl!

cool mum said...

Wow...i forgot all about that wonderful Electric Youth perfume. Debbie and Paula were definitely my favorites too! And these specific albums were the first I remember owning...I was also spending a lot of time dancing at that age. I actually had a concert video of Debbie Gibson that I watched over and over too. Remember the hat?!