May 23, 2008

Getting out of Debt

It has been a goal of my ours to get out of debt. I guess our goal should be sticking to the goal. Anyhow, I got this video off of Passionate Homemaking (great blog). Hope you enjoy and laugh at the message that should seem so easy!.


Anonymous said...

I am just glad they give the book away rather than charge money for it! The lesson seems so simple don't it!

No trips to the dog park planned. We are working on the house so much that we haven't been able to go lately. We are going out to Lex tomorrow to buy tile for the bathroom floor and shower. Our dogs are suffering of boredom while we are working on the house. At least they have each other. But I deffinatly want to try to get together some time. We will have to work something out.

Good luck on the debt thing! We are working toward the same goal. School loans are the worst!

Yvonne, MIL (mom-in-law) said...

Simple, yet not so simple.