May 13, 2008

Happy Anniversary Part 1


We got back from our very first anniversary celebration. John and I were married on May 12, last year. I can not believe how fast a year goes by.

We decided to go to Destin, Fl. I have been craving the beach and John's best man lives there with his wife and two precious children. They are moving overseas in a few months so it worked out great to get away and see some good friends.

We left Friday afternoon and had to fly via Houston with a 4 hour lay over. Being from Houston, my excellent mother picked us up and we headed to some delicious Mexican food. AND my best good friend Lindsey met us there with her charming little boy. YEA!!! Too cute and the biggest eyes... wow!

The first two days in Florida we hung out with our friends, ate good food, celebrated mother's day and had a great dinner on a deserted, little cove at NIGHT! Crazy. The last two days we stayed at the Hilton with a room overlooking the beach. It was awesome. We slept with the doors wide open and even had a few bird friends come and visit us IN the room.
After a quick trip to the beach the first night, we headed to a eating/shopping area and I swallowed down my first RAW oyster! SLIMY!!! I really can not tell you how they tasted, they straight back to my throat and down. BUT I DID IT!

The next day, I was determined to get the tan of the century... in one day... so we were out at 8 am walking the beach. After a quick trip to the grocery for some snacks, we were sprawled out and soaking up the rays... the HIGH POWERED, UV, white skin should never be allowed out in, sunshine, happy rays. 40 min, ocean break, turn. 40 min, ocean break, turn. We headed to the pool and once again, 1 hour, pool break, turn, 1 hour, GO INSIDE OUCH IT IS ALREADY HURTING! I was so thorough about the sun block. We put it on 15 min before heading outside. After that, I put it on my face and arms about every 15 min. That' s right, face and arms. I guess I would be missing over half of the body. The tan of the century is pleasantly on my face and arms. The medical burn of the day is on the back of our legs. OH what a wonderful flight back we had. :-)

Oh, I can't forget that lovely rash that I picked up from somewhere. YIKES



amy said...

It's already been a year?? I guess time flies when you're having fun.
Happy Anniversary!!

Love You!

The Wiggins Family said...

I think I had a sunburn every Anniversary before kids. Enjoy it while you can.