May 16, 2008

Our dog.

It has been a while so I thought I would post some pictures of our cute Diesel. He is getting big. He is about 4 1/2 months old and a little over 40 pounds. Crazy!

We are taking him to the Farmer's market today. We will see how he does. Yesterday we bought a pinch collar. They look horrible and mean, but they do not hurt, they just "remind" the dog to not pull on the leash. IT took 15 seconds and Diesel was walking right by our side. AMAZING!

We have been training him, but we are still thinking of doing some official obedience training. He is very smart and I think that is the problem. He is stubborn and comes when he wants to and sits when it works for him. We have been training him to "heel" for quite a while and already it is hard for me hang on to the leash- so it was either this or the SHOCK COLLAR... we can not bring ourselves to do that. :-(


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness he is so big. Chloe is 16 months old and 42 pounds. He is going to be so big. He is beautiful though! We almost went to the dog park today and I thought about you guys. But we never had the time to make it there. We got a gentle leader collar for Chloe and it works great. She hates it of course but she never pulls now. I need one for Marley because he is starting to pull way too much. Maybe we will have to try the pinch one on him.

The Penuels said...

Hi Diana! So glad you commented on our blog - great to hear from you :)

The Wiggins Family said...

He's gotten so big!