June 12, 2008

In Houston

I made it to Houston!   Yea!  It was hard to leave my sweet Diesel, but it was well worth to see my even sweeter husband and mama.  I will be doing tons a travelling, so if I don't blog for a few days, do not fear.  I am sure I will have many stories to tell.  
Tomorrow, I will be heading to a little family reunion.  My aunt just retired from the military and is back from Australia, my grandma is turning 75, and my grandpa had surgery this morning for appendicitis.  So we have many reasons to celebrate. 

Afterwards, I will head back to Houston, then head to Austin to see some good friends.  after that, I will be in Houston on Wednesday to help out with my old dance schools recital!  Hopefully I will make this one on time! :-)

So there you go, my very $$$gas guzzling schedule!  Talk to you soon.  


Diana's mom said...

This is a wonderful,kind,good looking,compassionate,loving and FUN human being..

oh, and Diana is great, too..

I have a super son in law..

I love you, Diana

Shelby said...

great to see you this weekend cousin!

Anonymous said...

Our internet was down all week...I was praying you would have a safe trip. Did you leave Diesel in a kennel or with a friend?
Our pups did okay while we were gone. I don't think my in-laws will be wanting to watch them any more. They are just too big for them to handle. You know how it is they get excited and like to jump.
I hope you have a great trip. Enjoy the time away!

The Wiggins Family said...

You better call me when your here. I want to see you. I can meet you half way or something. I love you girl!