June 8, 2008

Just one of those weeks!

Let's continue with my little show I like to call, "Diana on her own."

Last week, we watched as Diana locked her self out of the house wearing nothing but a tank top and shorts. Her hair, disheveled, her face, swollen from allergies, but through it all, she faced the POP A LOCK man.
We also watched Diana tear her house and car apart to find her poor lost debit card. She looked up, down, left, right...still, no Debit card. Thankfully, as she was just about to call the bank to cancel her card, she opened her wallet and saw the edge of it gleam from another compartment that she must have looked over.

What will happen next? Keep Reading....... Dun dun duuuuuuu!
Yesterday I decided it would be nice to mow my across the street neighbors yard. They have a huge front yard, but I traded them to edge my yard because I don't do that. I don't mind mowing, but I just don't know how to edge. So I began out on my adventure across the street. Up and down the grass. "Why is my mower spewing grass everywhere?" Just then, Mr. mower decides to stop. GREAT! Now, I have a stopped lawn mower and a half mowed lawn.

HOWEVER, across the street there were some PROFESSIONAL mow men with their fancy riding mowers. So what's a lady to do but say, "Excuse me, can you come look at my mower?" (once again, wearing the best mowing clothes available)

So picture this scene.

MAN: "Well mam, yer mower is broke."

ME: "Um, do I need to buy a new one?"

MAN: "Nope. Just get ya a man to come over and unscrew this, pull this off, grease this, put this back up there, put this back on, and screw this back on and there ya go."

Well, there you go. I just need to find me a man to fix my mower. :-)
So I had to call John and yet again, tell him another thing that had gone wrong. BUT WAIT- there's more!

Today, was my first night of the three dance recitals. There are 4 nights, but I only have girls dancing in 3 of them. Every night is at 7 pm and we are expected to be there by 6pm. Well, on Sunday, today, the recital started at 2pm. I found this out, just as I was about to get in the shower at 5pm.
I feel horrible! My poor girls. :-( The only reason someone called me was to see if I was okay and alive! I did find out later though, that the recitals where planned at 7pm but then later changed. However, that was 5 weeks ago! AHHH!
I can not wait to get to Houston and just put these weeks behind me.

*I forgot to mention that on John's first night gone, we had a huge lighting storm that I thought zapped our computer. So after calling John and telling him all of our memories were fried... I soon realized that it was just the main fuse that went out!


Yvonne, MIL (mom-in-law) said...

Just chaulk it up to the way life operates ... I remember when Jim used to travel to Japan for several weeks at a time (early in our marriage) ... every time he'd leave, something major would happen. One time it was the A/C, I can't remember after that, but it always seems to be something! Just be prepared! Some of us were just never meant to face life alone!!!! Ha! Ha!

Anonymous said...

You poor thing! I can't believe you missed the recital! How did all your girls know the time and you didn't? Hopefully the next 2 nights will be better!
The mower story sadly mad me laugh! You just are not having a good week. Poor John will be happier to see you just so you can stop calling him and telling him all these things.

The Wiggins Family said...

Sounds like a fun and crazy week. Can't wait to see you soon! Love ya!