June 4, 2008

Late Night

Tonight was the first long night of Recital run throughs. The girls did great! It was a bit chaotic for them being it was maybe the first time to dance with out a mirror, but they did a good job.

What makes me laugh the most is when the parents freak out. The girls are just happy to be there and the parents get so funny. We have multiple meetings through out the months before to explain the tights and shoes and when to be where and yada yada. Yet, It never fails that you get parents that don't really know whats going on. We pass out a lot of notes that some parents never get.

I wonder if I will be one of those parents. If my kids dance, will I be a know it all mom or a crazy mom? What if they do soccer or something? I wonder if I will go crazy over orange slices?
I already freak out over Diesel. Who knows?

We have 6 more days of crazy recital stuff- and then- I AM GOING TO HOUSTON! YEA!


Anonymous said...

I have been wondering how you were doing this week! How was your birthday? Are you getting to talk to John much? It sounds like getting ready for the recital has been interesting. I bet all the girls look so cute!
I am praying for you while John is away and while you are getting ready for your trip next week.

Diana said...

Thanks Erin!
Yes, Joh and i Talk every night and on his breaks so it has made things easier.

Yvonne, MIL (mom-in-law) said...

It is interesting to get to a point in your life when you sit back and think ... "I remember when I used to think women that did this were blah-blah-blah, and NOW I'm one of those women !!!!" Very humbling ...