September 1, 2008

Our dog has been made neutral.

Diesel had the surgery last Wednesday. He did great. They said he was very well behaved. John and I were looking forward to a few calm days around the house. The vet said he would be kinda sluggish and tired so we should take it easy on him and keep him from heavy exercise......THANKS A LOT! Here is what our sweet out patient did with no exercise.

He was definitely aware that he had done something wrong because when we entered the room, he kept his head low and his eyes looking up at us. IT was really cute disappointing.

So he got a new bed and a long walk the next day. :-)

He also got a new toy.
Notice how he has gone from sweet boy puppy to neutral demon dog!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear his surgery went well. They are hard to keep down after surgery, our vet released them and said "do what you can to keep their activivty low, they are weims after all".
Chloe has destroyed every bed we have ever had for her, I think that is her way of telling us she wants to sleep in our bed again. Funny or not really so funny, I was just thinking when looking at your last post how much I liked Diesel's bed and I was surprised what good shape it is/was in.

Anonymous said...

When our puppies had that done, Diana, they had to wear cones on their little heads so they wouldn't lick the stiches! Didn't bother Hurley, but Sawyer just sat there all sad and didn't move an inch for hours! Haha! Love and miss you!!

Yvonne, MIL (mother-in-law) said...

Reading all of these posts about Diesel and John, my only comment is ... boys will be boys!