December 25, 2008

Only 364 days until Christmas!

 Ahh, our sweet dog letting us know how he really feels about wearing my scarf.

What a wonderful Christmas this year!  John and I had a great time spending our second married Christmas together.  I was very thankful that he had Christmas day off and we even got a surprise day from his boss to have off tomorrow!

This last week has been full of memories.  This past Monday, I had 3 of the 5 Northrip family members over to bake from scratch some sugar cookie cut our pj's.

I wanted to make them for my mom  who came into town today.  The best part.....I used Saudi Arabian cookie cutters given to me by my dad.  He used to live there and I guess he  thought I would use them.  That was 10 years ago....  Anyhow- they consisted of a very Christmas like sword ( which when baked looked like an alligator), palm tree, genie lamp, and camel.  
We also had some pan cake cut outs given to me by my mother in law.  Very cute.

The whole thing started because my mother gave me an actual Christmas cookie cutter but it was too thin and did not work.  And since I hosted a little party, I had to come up with something else.  So, Saudi and Pan cake cutters would have to suffice.  
 As you can see, some of the cookies were pre-school quality.  I now remember why I don't do this cookie decorating thing.....because I can't!

Christmas day was mucho fun-o too!

John and I had a great slow morning just the two of us.  We made waffles and opened our gifts together.  We listened to a Christmas poem from John Piper. TEARS.  It was about Christ and the sacrifice that he was to us and how it all started at his birth.  John listens to it every year and it is becoming our tradition now.  
We then enjoyed chatting with our family on SKYPE.  I love technology because I got to open my presents from certain family members in front of them through video.  

I talked to my dad and younger brother in Moldova (near Russia), I talked to my extended family in Odessa TX, Haslet TX and my brother and family in Brownsville TX.  It was awesome!  It helps me out a lot because I miss them so much and I was not able to go visit them this year. 

Our Diesel dog also had a great Christmas.
Here are some cute pics of our sweet puppy and all of the fun goodies for him.  He was so excited.  He got Christmas breakfast and was very spoiled by the plethora of toys.

He did receive a special HEMP toy that is supposed to be okay for him if he digests it.  AND HE DOES!  We think he is addicted to Marijuana because when we take the toy away from him he goes crazy looking for it.  Anyway, here is his reindeer toy and how Diesel destroyed some of it in 5 mins. It's throwing up.  :-)

I also wanted to share the lovely night gown that my mother gave me.  John thinks it is the hottest thing ever.  :-)

I hope everyone had a wonderful time with friends and family.   my sweet mom came to visit us for Christmas.  I am so thankful that she came!


Laura said...

how funny! We gave Hannah the EXACT same cookie Christmas morning and she had one of those special hemp toys last year -- destroyed it by the end of the day. Glad your Christmas was Merry!!

Anonymous said...

We had a great Christmas! I am glad you guys did too! Thank you for sending the card! It is so cute! I didn't get around to making the goodies that I was going to send for Diesel so they will have to be for his birthday too!

I haven't heard the Piper poem yet but I will listen to it! I am sure it is great!

The Wiggins Family said...

Sexy nightgown mama. Only your mom... only your mom. Too funny! I love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh I really like the new layout! What a fun colorful surprise when I came to your site! We do have to get together! I don't know your schedule but Blake is back to work this week so I will have lots of free time! I was wondering about Diesel's birthday since it is just days away! Can you believe he will be a year?!!!? I still can't believe Chloe will be 2! I think Diesel looks so big in his pictures! Chloe is so skinny looking compared to him!

Hannah and Brian said...

I love your night gown... that's hot!! Diesel looks adorable in his scarf :)