February 4, 2009

Dog Crazy......

  So for KY the weather has been a bit crazy. The kids missed an entire week of school last week and got let out early yesterday and stayed home today!  All that to say that it has been hard for me to get out with Diesel.  We could go for a walk and to the dog park... but it was very slick. The dog park was an ice skating rink... NOT EXAGGERATING!  

Thankfully, we have Daisy.   Daisy is our neighbors puppy dog.  She is a 4 year old boxer that taught Diesel everything he needed to know about playing.  She is a very cute and lovable dog.  They play for hours!  She has been my lifesaver in this weather.  Diesel knows her name and goes a little bonkers when we ask where she is.

They like each other.  One time, after playing for about two hours... I found them face to face laying down on the ground just licking and sniffing each other. 
Enjoy the videos.


Anonymous said...

Aww! I wish we had someone for Chloe to play with times like now! She has been pretty good actually. She was a little upset over Daisy being Diesel's girlfriend!

Laura said...

That's so cute!! LOVE the videos! Can you send me your email? (mine's laura81780@hotmail.com)