December 29, 2009


Here we go. It's time for the New Year's resolution list to go up on the blog. That makes it sound like I have done one before, but no, I haven't. I am hoping that it will keep me accountable to those two of you who might read my blog.

1) Run a half marathon.
- Have started a run log and team named NO EXCUSES with other friends to keep me accountable.

2) Read the Bible in a year.
-Have RE-signed up for an internet Bible reading plan. I get the e-mails daily.

3) Master the art of French Cooking

-Inspired (sadly) by the movie Julie and Julia, I have purchased this book and hope to learn how to prepare meals with out using recipes. This book is meant to give you that education.

4) Journal
-I used to do this ALL the time. EVERYDAY. It was mainly prayers and bible study times...I am excited to get back to this tool.

5) Read 4 books
- Not sure yet which ones- but John got a Kindle and I want one too (I think.) I have to prove that I would use it! My motivation should be to EXPAND MY HORIZONS but really I just think the gadget is cool.

And of course the usual:

6) Watch what I feed my family and myself

7) Lose a Gazillion Pounds.

Okay, what are your resolutions?


The Secret Life of Kat said...

I want to be better at balancing my time.

And I want to be known (by my children) as a patient mom.

Yvonne, MIL (mother-in-law) said...

Good for you on the resolutions ... especially the one about reading through the Bible. I know someone who has audio CDs of the Bible and that is going to help HER read through the Bible in 2010, too! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I hate making resolutions because I never keep them! Instead I started trying to make some changes before the holidays. If I could make it through those I should have no problem! A big one for me is getting more organized, amazing how everything falls apart after having a baby! I have inlisted the help of my new iPod touch for that one! Love having my calendar, grocery list, to do list and such right at my finger tips! Oh and like a Kindle you can read books on it...and I started a 1 year Bible plan on it! Oh and of course all while listening to my favorite music. Sounds like I should have just wrote a post on my own blog!

olga said...

I love your resolution! Reading yours I was thinking about mine...I can't plan like you small and very realistics activities! Mine are big and not always very realistic or need a huge effort...because of that I have to accept with frustration that some of it are not done by the end of the year! My PhD is not over, I'm not married yet, I did not move here yet and Matt did not start US school in time and did not start buiding my career from the very beginning! I hope I can do it all with a lot of inspiration from very first days of 2010! Wish you good luck in acomplishing your resolution!

The Wiggins Family said...

Just b/c I am writing this down doesn't mean it's a resolution and I have to stay accountable, but maybe it will inspire me to start doing something and reaching for a higher goal. So here it goes....
-I want to get back into running or some type of workout routine. It's been way too long. However, if that doesn't happen consistently, then I will not beat myself up over it and accept the body God has given me.
-I would love to read the bible in a year (we have the bible on cd and the New Living Cronological bible... maybe I should use them)
-Go deeper in the Lord and allow Him to take me to places in Him through my worship leading and be amazed by His faithfulness.
-Stop raising my voice to my children. (this has been a daily choice and I have come a long way, but it still needs work)
Maybe I will go and write this down now. haha
Love you girl and please blog about your cooking b/c I love that movie and would love to hear your take on the recipes.
Happy New Year!

John said...

I love you sweetheart! I will try to encourage you this year in your effort to keep your great resolutions. Miss you and am excited to see you tonight!!