December 7, 2009

Arts and Crafts

I made this today. No where on my "TO DO" list was and item that remotely looked liked - Home Made Marshmallow Wreath.

It is quite amazing the lengths I will take to not do what is actually on my "To Do" list.
1. Organize Office (for the 3rd time)
2. Organize Guest room
3. Clean off Kitchen table
4. Grocery Store

Now in all fairness, I did go to the grocery store, but I did not purchase the items needed to support my family. I bought 10 bags of marshmallows.. oh yea, and sour cream for the soup we ate tonight.

I think it was in the stars tonight for me to buy marshmallows-- Kroger had them on sale for 10/1.00!!!!
So if you ever find yourself with a "To Do" list that should be done because you have people coming over the next day that you have never met and they will be using your house to watch their small child and it really should be clean.... just think......."What can I make that I saw in a magazine once?"

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