July 4, 2011

First Trimester...this and that

So as of now, I am at 12 weeks. The baby is the size of a lime and has a diet that none of my healthy, organic friends would approve of.

Here is a list of the things I have learned or become aware of during the first trimester.

1. THE MOST IMPORTANT- I have the most wonderful husband. His food flexibility has amazed me (any time, any flavor.) He tells me all the time that he is thankful that I am carrying this child (who does that?) He never looks down on me when he leaves the house and I am on the couch and when he comes back I am still there ( I guess, technically he is looking down on me but only to smile at me and ask me if I need anything!) Did I mention that he is studying for another test and still is this way???

2. From week 6-12 I went to Subway and ordered a 6-inch chicken breast on wheat with extra pickles.... no more than that.... um, a little more please...thank you, lettuce, tomatoes, vinegar...a little more please, and a stripe of chipotle sauce...... everyday for lunch... everyday. Then one day at Subway, I was sitting outside while John purchased our sandwiches. (they had just pulled out some freshly baked bread which was repulsive smelling) ANYWAY, while I as waiting outside with the puppies, Diesel and Radar decided to eat some leftovers on the ground which I could try to explain to you but honestly I might vomit on the computer. And you know what? That did it! It cured me of the subway sandwich streak.

3. There is a Whole foods at the corner of Cedar and Warensville near our home and if I am forced by the red light to wait, I begin to pray that smell permeating from the store buffet will not get to my car before I begin to dry heave.

4. I am surprised that I have not cried more.

5. When I don't feel gross or tired I get nervous that I have lost the baby. If I wait 2-3 hours, God reminds that I am still INDEED preggo.

6. I have a constant cold and or allergies.

7. I was hoping my food baby that I acquired while living in Cleveland (10 pounds yall) would slowly disappear by week 7 cause I would be showing.... nope... now it just sits on top of my growing hips and belly... and still no baby bump... just a food pooch.

8. Radar is IN LOVE WITH ME! Our dogs have always been everywhere with us, but Radar seems to never leave my side. He waits for me when I am in the rest room, he will not let me go from room to room with out him, down or up the stairs with out him and he is constantly by my side when I nap. It is totally cute.. for now.

9. I sleep ..... a lot.

10. I have had to wear a rubber band around my buttons on my shorts for the last 3 weeks.

Looking forward to what the 2ND trimester brings.


Laura said...

YAAY! Congratulations!! First Trimester is no fun indeed - but don't worry, it will pass :)

Yvonne, MIL said...

You think the 1st was fun ... just wait for the 4th (and more) !!!

capree said...

I just stumbled across your blog beacuse I saw the lime picture. I'm expecting but am a week behind you! I can definitely relate to some of what you posted! : )