November 25, 2011

Steps to Cutting Down your own Christmas Tree.

Step 1:

Find your most Lumber Jack looking shirt, buy a permit, and gather materials.

Step 2:

Go to a forest and find your tree...and walk around for an hour and half looking for that PERFECT tree farm type tree only to find that God grows them differently in nature.

Step 3:

Find a tree and get your lumber jack husband to smile because his wife finally said that this tree will work.

Step 4:

Cut down tree and feel thankful that it is not very thick cause you can't help since you are 32 weeks pregnant. Throw out encouraging sayings like, "Wow, you are so strong and manly!"

Step 5:

Say "TIMBER" as it falls to the ground...for the second time because you asked the Lumber Jack to lift it up and drop it for the camera because you missed it the first time. :-)

Step 6:

Drag your prize to the truck and catch your first child "claiming" his property...what the camera does not show is the second child coming in right after and doing the same.

John and I have enjoyed a live tree for Christmas every year. For the last 4 seasons (I can't believe this is our 5th Christmas together!), it has been tradition to get that special tree the day after Thanksgiving. This year, because we live where the trees are made, we decided to cut our own.. and for $10, we could not resist.
The tree is perfect because of the adventure and the story... definitely not because of how it looks! But we will keep her name her Rosie. (we cut her from MT. Rose)


Yvonne (MIL) said...

How fun ... thanks so much for sharing. Love your adventures!

Shelby said...

awesome. your photos are getting super good! miss you cousin.