November 3, 2011

A Tall, Tall, Truthful, Tale.

Once upon time there was a wife who spent too much time looking at DIY web sites. She found a magical inexpensive version of a bed she wanted and waited until her prince charming was finished fighting all of the dragons (a.k.a.- fellowship and oral boards) to ask him if would be willing to help HER build this bed. OF course he said that he would love to be at her service and got to work. Thus the adventure began of the ANA WHITE farmhouse bed.

Okay, so John had to tweak the measurements, and chisel and stain and on and on and on...But we love it. HE did such a great job. HE did ALL of the work! I sanded a bit and my mother in law even got in on the work when she was here visiting. But all of the brains behind this beauty was in the head of the husband. So proud of him. Half way through this project and after many "uh-oh's" we realized that maybe this was a big 1st time project... BUT I THINK IT IS AWESOME.

Last night John got a call that he would have the day off today.. so of course like a sweet wife at 9:30pm, I suggested that we see if the bed could be put together. After an "easy" 3 hours.. it was all done! :-)

NOW the Funny-ish part. IT IS SO TALL! John did everything wonderfully. The bed springs fit in nicely, the frame fits in the head board (after much chiseling and sanding) and the bed is super sturdy.... but here is where we learned a valuable lesson. MEASURE THE DEPTH OF YOUR MATTRESS! Holy cow is this this tall! ANYWAY, I blame myself for picking out the mattress... not John. He was a little disappointed but I think it looks great. Enjoy the photos!
Bringing it into the room..and out.. and back in again- it is not light!
I thought I should at least do something!
Proud John.


Mom/Yvonne (MIL) said...

Great story, plus great pics. These pics look like a professional, catalog or store quality bed !!! Way to go!

Hannah said...

It looks great :)