February 16, 2008

The Mega Cookie

Tonight, I could wirte about how I was moved by stories of the bloggers participating in Compassion Internationals blog month, and I am. I could write about my wonderful husband and the bible study that he is teaching tomorrow on the Lord's Prayer, it is thought provoking. However, I chose to write about my husbands spontaneous desire at 9pm to make cookies, hand made with love. We had a handful a chocolate chips (swirl, semi-sweet, milk) and a bag of Kissables. He made it his own.

He loves to surprise me so I was not allowed to look until the cookies were done baking. This is what I saw when I came in to the kitchen.

And just so you would know how big the MEGA cookie was,

My husband wanted no confusion.
Unfoutunatley it broke from the pan to the cooling rack. They were very, VERY yummy cookies.

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A. Snodgrass said...

You and your husband are so cute! He even bakes you cookies. :D