February 28, 2008

Our Story-part 1

So I have been inspired by fabulous sister-in-law to write the story of how my husband and I met.

There is no easy way to say this. We met through MySpace. I am not completely proud of it only because I will have to tell my children that when they meet Mr/Mrs Wrong on the Internet it's only because crazy people date people from the Internet. I can just see the conversation.

"I don't care that he he has a sweet profile and he looks like Dr. Mc Dreamy. S
o what that he writes Biblical blogs in Hebrew and Greek. Sure, He says He's Doctor...."

The Beginning
John was snooping around some profile pictures on a mutual "friend's" page. He saw my profile, which happens to be my blog picture now, and decided to take a look.
Originally, He wanted to make fun of the fact that we went to rival Texas Universities. He made some childish remark about my school being less cool than his and that he liked my picture. Wow- how romantic. I decided NOT to write back.

Three weeks later I was cleaning my IN box and came across his message. I checked out his profile a little bit deeper. He had posted some very intense entries on his spiritual walk that I thought were genuine. The only Christian thing to do would be to write back! From then on, we wrote each other weekly if not daily.

I never thought anything of it really. He was just another random friend on Myspace that made you feel good about yourself because you new there would be a "new comment" or a "new message" on your screen when you signed in. Self esteem via Internet- pathetic, yes I know.

I was working on a cruise ship at the time and a few days before I was going to get off the ship, We some how got connected to AIM and chatted for an hour or more. We shared our testimonies, I cried. (cheese). Then he asked if we could maybe meet up in TX while he would be home visiting family.

In my head:
"Are you crazy! You are most likely a psycho maniac would could possibly actually be a woman!"

Out of my mouth:
"Sure, well I'll pray about it."

(Now, up to this point I wasn't sure if I was actually going to meet up with him. Who can blame me? )

John was visiting Jason, his best friend from school, in San Antonio. He thought he would show Jason my profile to see what he thought and I guess to see if I was worth meeting. :-)

My picture pops up and Jason's' wife Marla comes in to the room and says, "Hey! That's Diana!"

Marla and I danced together all through out Jr High and High School!

Next thing I know, I get a phone call from John (which now
that I think about it might of been our first) letting me know what just went down. I think I talked to John for a total of 5 min and Marla about 30 min. She reassured me that he was in fact a man and not a psycho killer.

From then on, I was set to meet him and SO relieved. We met the next day at a coffee shop near my "less cool" university, talked for over three hours and then we got married.
Well- there were a few more conversations and dates but those are just technicalities.

You should hear how we got engaged!


Anonymous said...

Are you crazy meeting a guy online!!! lol I guess that is where all the good one's are at!
I must agree, how do we tell our children these things???
I like your story! It is really neat how it worked like it did, that you had mutual friends! Ours wasn't quit so neat.

A. Snodgrass said...

I remember when all of this was happening. I wondered a bit, but Marla knowing him made me fell better. Of course, when we met him, Mr. S and I both thought he was awesome. :-) We are so glad you two met and married!

Tressa said...

Oh my goodness Diana! You guys make such an ADORABLE couple! I just love the picture in your header of you two! WOW! I am amazed at your love story too! God can do crazy things! Like making love matches on MySpace! It CAN happen! Congrats!

PS. I met you once at Kat's house, not sure if you remember me or not!

The Wiggins Family said...

I love the story! I think I might do the same one day. God is so good to give you His best for you!! He knew just who you needed.

Diana's mom said...

I just love reading all this stuff and I love the recipe section and I love you so much!!

Jimmy said...

Your life story would make for quite an entertaining TV series. It would have action, drama, travel, and now....looooove.

Diana said...

Yea, My brother made a comment!