March 2, 2008

L...A...Z...Y Weekend

I can not believe this weekend is over! On Staurday we slept. Really. We slept ALL day. We woke up around 8, fed Diesel, took him out to potty, played for about 15 min and laid down next to him in his bed and slept again.....for 2 hours. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Around 5pm we decided it was time to wake up and do something. Crazy. I had so much planned for the entire weekend. I wanted to catch up on laundry, cleaning, reading, RUNNING, weekend cooking, clip coupons from TWO Sunday papers, and finally- enjoy the sun shine and 60 degree weather that decided to show face after months of cold and gray skies. But what did we do? We slept!

John has a had an extremely hard month at work so he basically caught up on ALL of his sleep for the month. ME? Well, I wanted to do what every one else was doing. Peer pressure.

We did give our sweet Diesel his first bath. He was great until the water turned cold. Poor baby. He was shivering and everything. But no worries. His traumatic experience was followed up by a two hour nap in Johns arms under a blanket.

We did have an exciting Saturday night though. We were supposed to go over to our friends', Blake and Brianna, house later that night. However, while we were on the phone making plans, Blake decided to pour boiling water into a cold glass pitcher. OUCH! The water went all over his legs. After a quick trip to the local clinic, he soon found out that he needed to go to the UK hospital. The clinic was not familiar with the severity of his burns so they freaked out and told him he had 3rd degree burns.
Brianna called us to let us know that he was going to DRIVE HIMSELF to clinic and that we would have to cancel our date tonight. ABSOLUTELY NOT!
We decided to take him because John knows people (he is so cool). Blake was in and out of the ER in 1 hour! 1 HOUR! Thankfully, Blake only experienced 2nd degree burns but still suffers with a ton of blisters.

Anyway- That was our Saturday. I have never been to the ER so it was a fun experience...for me.

Today was awesome at church. Great lessons in both Sunday school and "big" church. I will blog about those HOPEFULLY tomorrow.

Sunday afternoon we player putside with our precious puppy. He played with his new ball and yes, CONCRETE. Here is our super smart dog playing with concrete.

How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

Hey girl, I wrote a quick little something about our weekend check it out!
Sorry to hear about you friends burns! I hope he will heal quickly.
Cute pictures sound like he is right at home now!

The Secret Life of Kat said...

Um...what's a l-a-z-y weekend? I'm still trying to grasp that concept...

And s-l-e-e-p-i-n-g in? I think I've heard of that when you sleep until 6:30am?

If you get bored of your lazy weekends, use some of those buddy passes and come on down for a visit. I'm sure I can come up with something for you to do.


Savor those fun, lazy weekends. We'll live vicariously through you.

Seriously, our weekends are still fun...just not lazy.

On Saturday, Jimmy went out to breakfast with friends at 7:30am. When he got home at 9:00 I went for a fun (7miles) and then we took the kids to get snowcones. I DID take a nap with the Smaller Person, which was VERY relaxing. After naptime I took the youngest two to the park while Jimmy went on a date with the oldest.

A. Snodgrass said...

Hey... I'm glad John was able to help out your friend and catch up on sleep. It's always nice to have a doctor in the house. :D

Sometime, I'd love for you to explain the coupon game etc. We don't get a newspaper bc I didn't think the coupons would save more than the paper costs... It sounds like they do.

Diesel is soooo cute!

Diana said...

Kat, LAZY means....zzzz, oh sorry, I just fell asleep., I will come down any time and watch your kiddos.

A. Snodgrass said...


Check out this blog -
I think you will like it. I have it linked on my blog... :)