March 18, 2008

Cross centered songs

John and I have been asked to help out with the Youth service on Friday for worship. We have been asked to have some "cross-centered" music for the Youth to sing.

Any suggestions?


Yvonne said...

3 recommendations ... "Once Again" by Matt Redman, "Mighty is the Power of the Cross" by Chris Tomlin, Shawn Craig, etc. I actually am not sure I recognize the 2nd song, but the words sounded great. There's another song, but I can't find the name of it ... maybe you know it ... something about us all being equal at the foot of the cross. There is a song called "At the Foot of the Cross", but that's not it. It's not by Ray Boltz or Don Moen; those are the only ones I've been able to find on the internet. I've sent out a couple of emails about it, so if I find it, I'll let you know ... very easy chorus-type song, great words.

Poefam said...

How about that one..."at the cross you becon me...draw me gently to my knees and I am...lost for words so...lost in love...i am...sweetly broken...holy surrendered!" LOVE THAT ONE!

Diana said...

awesome. thanks for all the help!