March 10, 2008

The Snowman Saga

My husband and I are both from Texas. That being said, we get a little giddy when it snows. This past January we had a little snow fall and decided to make a little snowman for our neighbors.

I had the scarf and hat from a jar of cookie mix that was made to look like a snowman. It worked out perfectly.

Little did we know that we would be getting "The WINTER STORM OF THE YEAR" two months later.

For all of you out there saying, "Oh, that's nothing! I lived in some place with lots of snow and we had 40,000 inches of snowfall....."- Stop reading and go shovel your snow. This is my winter wonderland.

It was so much fun. We spent our entire Saturday inside nice and warm.

On Sunday however.....

John decided to go outside and make snowballs...BIG snow balls....So big that we spent and hour and a half making this.

Aren't we so cute! Our little family with an 8 foot snowman!

Here is an entertaining video of us working hard for no reason. It is just A part of the process. We made the middle part so big, we cut it in half (with a knife) and had to lift it in sections. It was so heavy! It is a long video but the best part is the beginning so I won't feel bad if you stop it. IF you look closely to the left of the snowman, you will see the knife block John made for our kitchen knife that we used to cut the snowball in half. ENJOY!

He is already melting and falling over.

And of course....a picture of our sweet Diesel. He LOVED playing in the snow. We had to keep changing our snow location due to his artistic abilities with YELLOW coloring.


Poefam said...

SOOO Cute! I love how serious your husband is about it! ... And, that puppy face is TO DIE FOR! I love it! :) Good to read up on your life!

A. Snodgrass said...

Cute post! I want a winter wonderland!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I watched the entire video. You are so cute. The adorably fun couple with the cute dog...

Diana's mom said...

I can't believe I missed the snow!

Anonymous said...

We played in the snow but didn't make a snowman. You guys did a good job! Great picture of Diesel too!