May 29, 2008

Happy Early Birthday!

Look at this cute little box I got from my mom today in the mail! It comes complete with candles, noise makers and a button that says, "Make a wish!" (Sorry mom. I will not wear this to church on Sunday.)
Unfortunately, I feel horrible today and when I tried to blow the noise maker, I almost passed out! Also, this morning we made brownies for all the people that take care of Diesel at the vet clinic. Of course some of them fell apart in transfer to the plate so of course I had to dispose of my mouth. Now I feel sick to my stomach and all the goodies in the box made my stomach turn just enough.
Anyway, here it is! Thanks mom- you are the greaest!


Diana's mom said...

A cupcake for my cupcake!

John, please kiss her and make it better...!!!

love you

Anonymous said...

Awww That was sweet of your mom! Happy early birthday! So it is Sunday then? Any good plans?