May 29, 2008

John's Last Night

John is leaving for one month. He has a rotation in Houston. I am very sad and and not looking forward to staying home alone. The good news is that in two weeks I get to go to Houston and be with him and see all of my family and friends. Please pray from me.
Tonight, John picked me up from work and we went to a nice little outdoor patio restaurant. We came home and decided to eat the little cake from my mom. I hope you enjoy this very embarrassing video. We were being goober heads.
Um, we are both completely stuffed up so it sounds very funny.


The Wiggins Family said...

Happy Early Birthday!! I love you and am so glad God created you. You are so special to me and I will always treasure our friendship. Call me when you come to Houston. I would love to see you. I hope you feel better soon!

A. Snodgrass said...

Happy early birthday! You two are such cuties. :) Love ya bunches.

Anonymous said...

You two are so cute! So sad that John will be away on your birthday. I hope you will still be surrounded by those you love on your day!