July 27, 2008

Some dog updates

John and I have both been gone so much this summer that sometimes we get a little obsessed with our dog. Well, I would never do this....

Sometimes, he (John) stays in the crate after our dog wiggles his way out.
One day after church, we decided to give our 6 month old puppy a chance to show us how good of a dog he really was while we took a desperatley needed nap.

I guess Diesel saw it has a chance to show us how he can make our couch a puppy play land.

Here is a fun video of Diesel helping with trash pickup.



thesecretlifeofkat said...

Yikes. Kids and dogs seem to have the same effect on furniture...

erincraig said...

You should see the 8 inch hole that our 2 put in a wall. Thankfully we are capable of fixing such things! We tried to let ours stay out of the crate because we just didn't have the room for them until the house is finished. They are now crated on the covered porch of the new place.

Diesel is looking great and healthy! Chloe started jogging with Blake and lost a ton of weight. I am changing her food and porking her back up now.