July 27, 2008

My Father-in-law

John's daddy passed away July 15 2008. John was working a 24 hour shift when he got the call that his dad was not doing well. He came home Tuesday and we then got a call that David had passed away.

My mom was able to get us tickets to Dallas and John's work gave him as much time off as he needed. Today is John's first day back at work.

David had colon cancer for 4 years. He found out when he was 54 and died at 58.

Please pray for John and his grandmother. She is super sweet and misses her son very much.

We had so many family and friends offer their support and their love. John had some friends that he had not seen since med school and college come up to love on him. My Texas family even came. It was amazing.

There are so many parts to the process of dealing with the death of someone close. You need to grieve but you are forced to be responsible at the same time. Packing, flying and making funeral arrangements within 24 hours of finding out is a lot to deal with. John is his only son so a huge burden was placed on him. Thankfully, our families helped out financially and that burden was released immediately. I say that, but I found myself telling everyone how expensive it was! Totally tacky. I am not sure if that was my release from it all and I needed some sympathy, or I was in total shock of how death has turned into a business! So I apologize for my lack of class.

The service was as good as any funeral service could be. It was sad. It was uncomfortable. It was quick.

We flew in Tuesday night, made arrangements Wed morning and afternoon, had the viewing on Thursday night, graveside burial Friday morning, funeral that afternoon, packed up his apartment Saturday and Sunday, and flew out Monday night....AND ONLY THEN- you start to grieve.

John did great- whatever that means. He was not afraid cry but he knew he had to get things accomplished while he was there. It meant a lot to him that people loved his dad and that he heard such great things about him.

You can click here to view some info on the service


Life lesson number..... I've lost count!


Yvonne, MIL (mother-in-law) said...

I am thankful John has YOU to help him during this time (and all the time for that matter)!

The Wiggins Family said...

I'm sorry for the loss of his dad. I know it must be hard. I can't even begin to imagine. May God bless and be with you and the family as you grieve and recover. I love you both!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about John's Dad! What a blessing that you guys had a recent visit with him! If you guys need anything let me know. I will keep you and John in my prayers as I am sure it will take some time to deal with the loss.