July 3, 2008

Texas Fun

Wow! Being gone for almost three weeks can take a lot out of you...but we had so much fun!

I wish I could put all of the photos up here and I wish I had taken more photos with everyone!

Here are just a few of some some fun family and friends.

Hanging out with some of Johns Church friends from Med school days. What a lot of fun we had. We played Rock Band and I learned a few funny stories of Johns pre-married days.

We spent a day hanging out with John mom and grandparents. His mom is moving closer to them so it will be great to see them more often. We went to ONE of their favorite restaurants. Of course I loved it... it was MEXICAN! Good thing we only stayed one day, the other favorite place is Whataburger!!! (Of course I would have loved to stay longer. It is just a joke!)

We spent a good part of a day hanging out with Johns dad. He has had cancer for four years now. He was in great spirits. It was actually the longest amount of time I have ever spent with him. We also saw Johns other grandma and and Aunt. Please pray for Johns daddy.

This is me and my sweet husband. We were on the way to my Aunts house and we saw a sign that said, "BLUEBELL FACTORY!" Many of you know that Bluebell ice cream is made in Texas and that it is Johns favorite and that it cost $7 a half gallon here in Lexington! So at 10am, we pulled of our route and headed towards the factory. An hour later, we had two t-shirts, a magnet, and four scoops of ice cream for $2....at 10am. It was a very fun detour.

This is Laura and Kristen. I use to live with this family in between cruise ship jobs. They have become a second family. I have many second family's. I blame them, well Kristen, for all the weight I gained during my trip home. She has become a little chef while in college and forced me to eat her delicious home made cakes. (They we honored to wear the Bluebell hats.)

Meet Jason and Marla (and Sadie). This is one of Johns best friends from Med school and Marla is one of my good friends from Jr high and High school dance. They are a huge reason that John and I decided to meet. They drove down to Houston to see us! We hung out on his dads amazing boat and got to spend some time playing Guitar Hero and some other Tetris game. Marla and I went to our 20th anniversary Dance recital together and got to see a lot of familiar faces. Jason is on his way to Iraq in August, so keep him and his beautiful wife in your prayers. No need to worry though- she is a certified, licensed carrier. Bang Bang!

I have more family photos and stories, but that is a small update on travels to Texas.

It is great to be home and back into the routine of things.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had such a good visit. I bet you are wore out now! So glad you and John could visit with all your families and friends. I know how hard it can be livig away from everyone!

The Wiggins Family said...

Looks like you had a great visit. Sorry we missed you, but we'll see you soon! Love you girl! Love the pictures!

Yvonne, MIL (mother-in-law) said...

Love you both!