July 4, 2008

Happy Independance Day!

(This is not my dog- I would never do this to him.)

So, it has been a while since I have been in school, but that is no excuse for the way that I acted today on the way to taking my husband to work. Here is our conversation:

JOHN: Happy 4th of July Baby!

ME: Yes! Happy day of throwing tea over the ship!


ME: Happy no more Civil War!

ME: We are separated from the French?...... BRITAIN! YES! I know we signed something and now we are free! Oh, and did you know that there is a treasure map on the back of the document? (that was a joke).

JOHN: You need to go look this stuff up.

When I got home, I did look it up and remembered all the wonderful things I learned in elementary. I blame this airhead mentality on my lack of educating myself daily. I truly have no interest in politics, or what is going on in the world. Well, It's not that I don't have interest, it just stresses me out! My new goal is start reading again! I feel that since I have been dancing and out of college, I rarely pick up a book and if I do, I get just past chapter one. It is pathetic. Unfortunately, I can tell that my brain is fading fast. It is harder for me to remember things and harder for me to think. I can tell that it is even harder for me to communicate sometimes in conversation! Crazy! My goal is to read a little bit everyday. I will let you know what book and how is goes.


thesecretlifeofkat said...

Oh, you make me laugh, sweet girl.

By the way, there's a historical fiction series of books by Brock and Bodie Thoene that are set in WWII that are very educational and interesting.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up! I know how it is about reading though, since I got married I have only read one book. I love to read but never find the time to anymore. I can't wait to see what you start reading!