September 19, 2008

How to eat healthy...

My sweet husband found this great website that figures out all of the things I hate to figure out. "How many calories is this?" "What is Trans fat? " "How much protein do I need?" Spark People even tracks how many calories you burn when you do certain exercises. It is really cool.

In efforts to stay within our range of calories, John and I decided that we would stay in and cook our Tilapia fillets. A while back, John and I went to a French cooking class with my dad and we made Blackened Tilapia. It was fantastic. French, I am not sure, but very tasty.

When I went to visit my dad last August, I made it there with him and it was perfect. I was so excited to make it for John. It requires three ingredients: fish, Old Bay Seasoning, and PAM. The other best part... it takes 3 min on each side.

So to answer the title question of how to eat healthy....
BUY THE WRONG SEASONING! As you can see, the containers look very similar if one was in a hurry and did not know that there were TWO, and YES three kinds of seasoning. :-)

I prepared the recipe as planned, however, the original OLD BAY seasoning is to be used more like salt, not like a coating or a COMPLETE COVERAGE as you would the blackened seasoning.

I watched John put the first bite in his mouth and as every anxious newly married person would be, I asked how it was.
"Good, a little over seasoned, but the fish is cooked well," He said. I put the bite in my mouth and quickly spit it out.

HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE. It felt like I was eating the ocean salt. My amazing husband sweetly scraped off the seasoning and continued to eat. I tried and it was still infused in every bite, well at least the one other bite I ate...and spit out.

So there you go, how to eat healthy, ruin it and eat less.


Anonymous said...

Cute story! I hate fish but it sounds like something Blake would like. I bet the cooking class was fun!

A. Snodgrass said...

You are married to a sweetie! This made me smile. :D

Anonymous said...

I am working on taking off the baby weight (can it still be called baby weight 16 months later ? *grin*) and I LOVE SparkPeople... thanks for giving it a nod.

Anonymous said...

We really need to get together! As soon as I start feeling better I am up for trying to make plans! Before the weather gets bad!