October 4, 2008


Tomorrow, I will wake up around 5 am and head out to complete my second triathlon. I feel like I will finish, but not sure how I will compare with last year. My dad has driven up from Alabama and John will of course be there to cheer me on. And we could not forget the amazing super dog Diesel! It will be fairly chilly for the bike ride and nice for the run. I am a little anxious but also very excited! Let you know how it goes sometime after the race.

This is me setting up my area last year. Hopefully I will get the end spot again!

This is the pool that we swim in- most Tri's are open water like in a lake... thank goodness for walls to push off of!

Yes, I know I look cool!
And the final leg.. running. Last year a did an 8:43 mile... we shall see how it goes this year.

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The Wiggins Family said...

Oh girl, you know I am praying for you. I pray you get a good nights sleep tonight and your mind is at peace. I wish I could be there too cheering and running along side you. Notice how I did not say swimming along side you. haha. I love you and wish you the best!! You will do great!! All the practice and preparation will pay off tomorrow. Let us know the results.