October 15, 2008

Fun Fall Weekends

Before we move from Lexington Ky, which I am not sure when that is happening, I have been determined to enjoy the fall weather and the "entertaining" KY venues.
Last weekend, John and I went to the Maker's Mark distillery and to Boyd Orchards. It was a gorgeous day other than it being hot for a fall day in KY.

At the Maker's Mark Distillery, we had the chance to take a free tour of how they make and bottle the bourbon.
This is the process of Fermentation. John thought it would be fun to share this process...I hope you enjoy it.
Wasn't that fun?

John is standing in the room with all the bourbon doing its thing for three years.

After the tour we went to the gift shop to buy our own bottle and had the chance to dip it into the wax ourselves.
John is dipping his bottle in the wax now, my bottle is the one drying there on the table...I did the technique called the "Slam Dunk." (yes, there is technique.)
Now, besides the fact that I do not like bourbon, I was so excited to buy a bottle and dip it into the hot wax. Whoo HOO! It kind of reminded me of being at the Renaissance festival and dipping my hand in the wax.
Afterwards, we drove towards home and stopped at Boyd Orchards. It was about 81 degrees when we got there and it happened to be their Fall Festival. It was crowded and hot and I felt like a little kid who wanted to go home. We picked some apples for baking and eating and found our perfect pumpkin.

Go ahead John, take the Apple!
I think his back braking position is for dramatics.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. This weekend, we are headed to Cumberland Falls for some hiking with our puppy!

By the way- I made a fantastic pumpkin cheesecake with sour cream bourbon topping! I got it off of the Maker's Mark website. It was very yummy. I have no pictures only because I was so excited to eat it.


Diana's mom said...

looks like the stuff we did in Vermont!! What fun..I love gift shops

thesecretlifeofkat said...

How fun! It looks so gorgeous there. Just like Fall should look.

You'll have to make that cheesecake for us sometime....yum.

Sharee Forman said...

Hey girl,
Got your message. :) Email me (justinandsharee@tx.rr.com) and I'll get you our home address.

Also, I'm SO PROUD of you super studdess for finishing your 2nd triathlon....waaaaay impressive! :)

Yvonne, MIL (mother-in-law) said...

Yes, I'm thrilled that you shared the fermentation video with all of us ... NOT! Guess it's one of the those things where you had to be there ... ha! ha! And the orchard stand looks wonderful ... how fun! Definitely a FALL experience! Good for you both!

Laloo said...

Hi there! I love your blog -- I've lived in Lexington for 6.5 years and haven't done ANY of the fun things you've found to do -- so glad you found me through Brittney! Diesel is A-dorable -- I love Weims!

Laura said...
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Laura said...

i'm so sorry i commented a bazillion times -- i thought my computer messed up, didn't read that you approve comments -- whoops!