October 6, 2008

Diesel Update

This is for all of you who care about our sweet child...yes, our dog.

He loves comfort.

He loves to eat. Just kidding! He actually does not eat very much, but we went crazy with buying dog food so he thought he would enjoy some too. ;-)

HE loves to play with his friends!

Isn't this place gorgeous? This is the view from one of John's Attendings home! Must be nice.

And..he loves to make hideous faces when he is super excited.


thesecretlifeofkat said...

Hi Diesel!

Love and air kisses from Auntie Kat

Anonymous said...

Oh my what a face! He is so big I can't get over it!

Yvonne, MIL (mother-in-law) said...

I thought you/John were used to roughing it ... you know, camping and all of that. Doesn't look like Diesel would enjoy that unless he can bring his favorite pillow along, too!!!!