April 13, 2009

Time to organize the chaos

My goal today is to become organized and feel less chaotic.  I have been struggling to get the house "SRING" clean and when I have so many "hotspots" around the house it begins to make me feel like my life is spinning out of control.  I have my list made and I am grounding my self until it is accomplished.  No TV until I am done with my chores.....of course now that I am the adult I don't have to completely ground my self from everything....like this computer, but I will limit my time on the computer to the evenings.....um, starting after this blog.  :-)

Happy Cleaning!


Anonymous said...

I finally got most things done around here. I would love to hire a professional organizer to help with our hot spots! Good luck with it all!

The Secret Life of Kat said...

When you're done, can you come over and clean my house?


I was thinking about you today. I hope all is well. We love you!

Husbizzle said...

I had fun with you, briefly ungrounding you to watch American Idol. Now, it looks like you are continuing to be ungrounded so you can chat online with Kat....Love you baby.

Anonymous said...

Project Clean - Stat!?

Love ya.