October 5, 2008

I made it!

YEA! I Did IT! We woke up early this morning, ate breakfast, and headed out the door. After setting up my station, We walked to the pool and got ready for the swim.

The swim portion last year was my hardest, this year, it was my easiest. Last year, I biked every other day, this year, I did that with the swim. I am not sure of my individual times, but my overall time was 2 h and 11min. Last year, 2h and 10 min. At least I am consistent. I guess you can add a min for the added year older. :-)

It was a bit colder this year so when I got on the bike and rode a little, I began to notice that my toes were freezing! It is hard to bike with no feeling in your toes. It is also hard to run right after that! I had to walk a little more during the run than I wanted, but I did get a boost of energy around the 3rd mile. My friend Kathryn (who made me do this all over again this year...and I am thankful) cut 15 mins off her bike time! WOW- she placed 3rd in her division. Go Kathryn!

ME after the swim- all smiles.

Me after the bike...where is that smile now?

Miss Kathryn and I after the race.

Diesel Dog...who is still sleeping after 2 hours of being home. Apparently he was very popular at the race.

And of course, Susan B Cox of the Susan B Cox Triathlon. Who by the way told me she would see me at swim practice tomorrow. :-)


thesecretlifeofkat said...

Congratulations Diana!!!!!

That's awesome.

The Wiggins Family said...

Wow, good job!! I'm so glad you were able to do it and finish strong. You are an inspiration to get my butt in shape. I'm not as tiny as you think. Greg's dad was a bit honest last night as he pointed to my tummy and said, "you are getting fat." hahaha... yes, I do have a little pudge, but must we draw attention to it. He is hilarious.
Love ya girl and miss you like crazy!

Anonymous said...

I was so worried about the cold weather for you, I am glad that it didn't get you too bad. You did great! I am proud of you! I am still in Ohio but just hoped you might have posted something. Diesel looks like he was a great dog at the race too, he is sitting so nice for the camera!
So what is on your agenda now??? Anything going on with dance or are you just giong to be taking it easy for awhile?

Yvonne, MIL (mother-in-law) said...

I am incredibly proud of you, for hanging in there when it would have been easier to drop out ... sit back and relax like the rest of us! You are a 1 in a million gal! Bet your dad and hubby were proud too! Love you!

Diana's mom said...

I love you honey